Frogs Island Workshop

NOTE: Frogs Island 4x4 and Frogs Island 4x4 Workshop LLP became two separate businesses in August 2014 and a new website is planned by Frogs Island 4x4 Workshop LLP for launch in 2015.

You can contact Frogs Island 4x4 Workshop on +44 (0)1235 861193 or email

Key services offered by Frogs Island 4x4 Workshop LLP:


  • Range of Full, intermediate and partial service options available for all Land Rover and 4x4 vehicles carried out by trained technicians using state-of-the-art tooling.
  • Main Dealer pricing can be 40%* more expensive than having your vehicle serviced at Frogs Island 4x4.  We use the same service list as dealerships and abide by the same recommendations, in some cases we routinely check more points than they may recommend.  If you BOOK TODAY you could SAVE £10 per hour labour off the price of a FULL SERVICE.
    We encourage our customers to check what is covered by our services compared to a main dealer, and more importantly we can normally book you in the same day or next and we have a Loan Car available.
  • We like to think we go that little bit extra, so we can also pick up / drop off on Milton Park Business Estate and happily take you / pick you up from Didcot Parkway station**
  • We work with brands like Lucas, Mintex Brakes Pads, Rock Oil, K&N, and more to bring you the best service parts for your vehicle.
    ** within our opening times


  • Here at Frogs Island we regularly carry out repair works on a range of 4x4’s and road cars, from diagnosing faults utilising our Auto Logic system or fixing known faults or MOT advisories.  We also offer skilled in-house fabrication and welding.  We are also a subscriber of TOPIX, the Land Rover Bulletin service, so we are up to date with common known faults, error codes and issues on vehicles across the range.
  • We take great pride in our work and always discuss the issues thoroughly with our clients. If you would like a second opinion on another quote from elsewhere or just enquiring, then please do call us or pop by. Over the years there are very few issues we haven’t dealt with and experience counts


  • We are one of the few Independent Land Rover ® Specialists in Oxfordshire, with the latest technology to diagnose and repair ECU faults, mechanical and electronic and tune the Engine Management System to increase performance and economy benefits:
    • The Engine management system can be safely re-mapped with Autologic's own vehicle tune through the diagnostic port.
    • The ECU does not need to be removed nor does it need to be opened.
    • In all cases the power delivered by the engine is increased.
    • In most cases, fuel consumption is improved.
    • Only applicable to vehicles that have FLASH programmable ECUs, 2001 onwards. Td5 vehicles up to 2002 may not have a FLASH programmable ECU, but can have on fitted as a replacement.
    • The performance upgrade can be carried out while you wait.
    • Performance tuning may affect your insurance premium and you maybe required to inform your insurance company if the ECU is upgraded.
    • The turbo diesels show improvements up to about 30% more power and torque.
    • Sharper throttle response.
    • Quicker acceleration.
    • The process is fully reversible back to a standard tune.


  • We provide an MOT service.  The price for a TEST is £51.  The following items are checked on any MOT and are common failures (see pie chart) so if in doubt then give us a call on 01235 832100.
  • Frogs Island 4×4 does not conduct its own MOT tests; rather we use the services of an independent test centre alongside us on Milton Park.
    This removes any opportunity for the often touted accusation, where a test centre will fail a vehicle as a means of generating work for themselves.
  • You can be assured that with Frogs Island 4×4, MOT tests are conducted in a fair and reasonable manner and that should a fail certificate be issued, it is right and justified!
  • We are very happy to arrange for an MOT test to be carried out, whether separately or in conjunction with other work.  A test can be conducted “while-you-wait” by arrangement and takes about an hour to complete.

Specialist Off-Road

  • A lifetime of experience in off-road planning, preparation and equipment, we offer Land Rover and 4x4 modification to suit any adventure.
  • Over the past 15 years Frogs Island 4x4 has prepared many vehicles for trips such as Toureg Rally, Dakar Rally, MSA British Cross Country Championships and local pay and play.
    Also, with Matt’s experience, we have consulted with clients and prepared vehicles for Overland Expeditions, London – Cape Town and even the Long Way Down TV Programme.
  • We maintain and prepare fleet vehicles and have fitted kit for the Paratroopers Charity Nissans during their recent expedition to Morocco.

You can contact Frogs Island 4x4 Workshop on +44 (0)1235 861193 or email