Performance & Off Road Upgrades

There are many ways to improve the overall performance of your Land Rover both on and off road. Anything that is considered an upgrade can also be regarded as increasing performance.

Engine performance is improved be removing horsepower sapping EGR valves, throttle response, fuel economy and horsepower are increased by fitting free flow air filters, these cotton and foam air filters also increase horsepower and fuel economy, are all serviceable so reduce cost, impact on the environment and allow servicing between fixed service intervals, handy in extreme off road conditions where sand or mud and water are encountered.

Larger intercoolers increase the efficiency of turbo charged engines by cooling the superheated air generated by the turbo and allowing unrestricted air flow to the engine resulting in more power and better fuel economy. Combine these upgrades with a de cat down pipe and silencer removal pipe for further performance enhancement.

Cruise control kits improve fuel economy and reduce driver fatigue as well as provide a level of sophistication not normally associated with the Land Rover Defender.

Improving the wading depth of a Land Rover by raising the transmission breather pipes and the engine ECU (electronic control unit) helps keeps water out of bearings and the electrics.

The ultimate electrical upgrade must start with the battery, Odyssey batteries are regarded as the best in the industry offering unrivalled cranking power as well as a huge reservoir of power to support vehicle accessories such as winches, lighting and ICE.

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