Suspension & Drivetrain

Suspension and Drivetrain are probably two of the most talked about subjects when considering upgrading a Land Rover or 4x4. There is one thing that is paramount to safe and successful off road driving...... Traction! Keeping the tyres in contact with the ground is essential to maintain forward motion. While Land Rover can claim class leading off road suspension straight out of the box even keen amateur off roaders quickly reach the limits of wheel travel and lose momentum with wheels in the air fighting for grip.

Momentum can carry you through in some instances but when the rocks get bigger and ruts get deeper you simply can’t always go faster to keep going forward.

Larger tyres, more traction, improved suspension and the desire to maintain forward motion all lead to increased strain on the Drivetrain. When 4x4 vehicles are heavily laden and used in seriously tough conditions, getting stuck and suffering transmission failure can have severe consequences. These consequences can be dramatically reduced or eliminated by increasing the strength of the transmission and drivetrain.

Fitting longer travel suspension may require other modifications to optimise strength and ensure reliability; increasing traction by fitting differential locks and larger more aggressive tyres puts additional stress on the drivetrain.

This section includes springs shocks and steering dampers, suspension kits and suspension hardware all designed to enhance the on and off road performance, load carrying, articulation and handling of your Land Rover. Maximising traction & driveability, drive train strength & reliability can be achieved by fitting locking & upgraded differential systems, alternative ratio ring and pinions, heavy duty axles, shafts CV joints and drive line components.