Terrafirma Load Space Drawers Defender 90/110 <2007

Terrafirma Load Space Drawers Defender 90/110 <2007

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The load space of a Land Rover Defender or Discovery is virtually impossible to reach all the way into.

There is never an easy way to get items stored far into the vehicle and its almost always necessary to completely unload the car to get at what you need. The solution is a drawer system! Load all the items that are needed more frequently into the drawer then load the vehicle as required. Simply pull the drawer open to gain access to all your necessary equipment.

The drawer is lockable and secure, easy to open even loaded with over 100Kgs of gear. The top deck is carpeted in a high grade automotive/marine carpet and the inside is lined with an anti-slip mat.

Load space drawers are standard kit for expedition vehicles providing quick access to essentials while leaving the vehicle fully loaded. They are also ideal for shooters, fishermen, cameramen, vets, mobile mechanics and farmers etc.

This listing is for a Defender 90 / 110 upto year 2007.

Dimensions are 725W x 1000D x 195H

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