Interior, Exterior & Styling

The need to enhance and change the appearance of Land Rovers is as old as the brand itself, personalising, adapting, tuning and styling Land Rovers to suit individual requirements has led to a vast range of parts and accessories being created.

Mammouth chequer plate is the industry leader in aluminium chequer plate panels for Land Rover Defenders. Bonnet plates, wing tops, side sills, corners and quadrants in plain alloy, silver anodised and black powder coat fitted as a level of protection as well as a style synonymous with Land Rover’s authentic rugged looks.

Wide wheel arches are manufactured to cover ever increasing tyres sizes, products such as snow cowls and wind deflectors are designed to improve the way the vehicle works in different environments. Seat risers and bulkhead removal kits provide additional levels of comfort. Auxiliary lights of all shapes and sizes need to be mounted which require bars, racks and frames.