Brakes Steering & Wheels

Terrafirma cross drilled and grooved brakes discs offer increased bite from cold and excellent fade resistance in most 4WD braking applications. Whether it’s a steep rocky descent, ploughing through mud and water or just daily driving these brake discs will give excellent stopping performance in all conditions.

With overweight four-wheel drive vehicles with oversize tyres it’s important to find a set of brake pads that really do perform. Many so-called performance pads are better suited to sports type driving styles where heat is required and can be maintained to enable the pads to really work. We recommend the use of high quality brake pads such as Ferodo and Mintex. They have high wear resistance, low noise and above all when combined with Terrafirma CDG brake discs give a much improved braking performance.

Ground clearance is an important factor for successful off road driving. The steering rods, often the lowest point of the vehicle will inevitably make contact with the ground at some stage while driving in ruts or negotiating rocks and tree stumps. Terrafirma heavy duty steering rods completely replace the originals as a bent track rod can seriously affect wheel alignment and steering ability. Even slightly bent steering rods can cause excessive tyre wear and poor handling.

Lateral stability on the front end of coil sprung Land Rovers fitted with live axles is controlled by a panhard rod.  When vehicles are lifted the axle is pulled off center. Terrafirma Adjustable panhard rods allow the axle to be adjusted restoring the steering geometry.

Steel and alloy wheels with and without beadlock kits allow for a wide range of tyres sizes to be fitted to Land Rovers, beadlock kits clamp the tyre to the rim reducing the risk of the tyre coming off  while driving with low pressures in extreme off road conditions. Optimizing track width and appearance is achieved by fitting wheel spacers and adaptors allow wheels from different models to be fitted to Defenders.